Kick Back for Success

Why Getting a Good Night’s Sleep is our Favourite Health Craze...

By Marcus Taylor 

Bizarrely, the word ‘healthy’ often comes with negative and boring connotations. The mind jumps to long and cold jogs, steamed kale and handing back dessert menus. We're more Netflix and Chill kinda people…

That’s right, we want you to spend more time sleeping, catch more shut-eye and take some guilt-free catnaps. Here's why…

Improves Attention and Concentration

Did you know LeBron James never plays a game of basketball without taking a nap two hours before the tip off? Why? LeBron's zeroed in on one of the most important benefits of sleep: improved concentration.

When you’re sleep-deprived, your body and brain can’t function properly. This could severely impact your ability to think strategically, assess risk and react quickly. But, when you’ve had a great sleep, you’re more alert and able to focus on the tasks at hand.

So, whether you’re sending emails or sinking three pointers, follow LeBron’s lead, and get plenty of sleep.

Learn More and Make Memories

Anyone ever woken up from a great night out, only you can’t really remember what happened? In many cases, this has as much to do with your shortened snooze as with your intake of booze.

When we’re asleep, our brain is organising all the information we took on during the day, by converting short-term into long-term memory. When this is interrupted, your brain doesn’t recover properly which can impair your memory.

This is equally important if you are trying to learn a new skill, or prepare for a test. Allow your brain to rest and recover overnight and, the next morning, yesterday’s work will be committed to memory and your learning potential will be limitless. 

Keeps your Immune System Strong

Last week we published a blog with our four top tips for strengthening your immune system, and tip number two was getting a minimum of seven hours sleep a night. See, there's a method to our madness!

Sleep and immunity are closely tied because your body needs to rest to produce the proteins and cells that destroy any foreign invaders. Sleep also helps your cells to memorize these invaders, so you can fight them off time and time again.

Catching a few hours kip might stop you catching a cold - don’t underestimate it!

Builds Muscle

For anyone doing our 28 Day Push Up Challenge - this one’s for you! We’re 15 days into the challenge, and this is our first rest day. But did you know that today is the day we’ll see the most muscle growth for the entire month?

Our muscles grow when they are resting, relaxing and repairing, and sleep is crucial to this process. When we’re conked out, protein synthesis rebuilds our muscle fibres and our bodies produce HGH (human growth hormone) to support this growth.

If building muscle mass is your goal, getting between 7 to 9 hours of slumber is crucial, both for recovery and growth. So, rest up today, and get ready for the mirror selfie of your dreams tomorrow morning!


If you’ve missed the first half of our 28 Day Push Up Challenge - why not jump in halfway through? Or, if you want to start from the beginning, check out our Instagram Highlights, where we’ve posted the entire program so far, as well as some snippets of our team taking part as well.