Benefits of Exercise in Lockdown

Kicking off our 28 Day Push Up Challenge. 

By Marcus Taylor 

Motivation. It’s difficult to find that ‘get up and go’ energy in our third national lockdown. If you feel like you’re in a bit of a slump - don’t worry, you’re not alone and we have a mission for you, should you chose to accept it!

Here at The Black Mask Company, we’ve beaten the January blues by relying on a prescription free medicine: exercise.

When your CEO is an ex-world heavyweight champion, you pick up a thing or two about the benefits of staying fit. Over the next month, we challenge you to join us in a 28 Day Push Up Challenge on our Instagram.

We’ll give you a day-by-day workout plan and if you keep a keen eye on our Instagram Story, you might catch a few of The Black Mask Company team getting their push ups in as well...

Before we kick off the challange, let’s get motivated with four benefits of exercising during lockdown.

1) Improves Mood

We've been told to stay at home, and yet suddenly our mood is all over the place - why?

Changes in routine can cause a big shift in our emotional wellbeing. And when we can’t socialise or see our loved ones, let's be frank, you’ve got the recipe for a seriously bad mood.

Queue the need for some happy hormones! Exercise triggers all of those awesome hormones that make us feel better, including endorphins and serotonin, which is thought to regulate anxiety, happiness and mood. Sign. Us. Up.

2) Boosts Energy 

Ever spent hours lying on the sofa smashing through Netflix, and at the end of the day you feel exhausted? It’s a crazy paradox that sitting around all day makes us feel lethargic, whereas exercise gives us more energy. As long as you’re not running a marathon or swimming the Channel, you should feel more alert for several hours after exercise.

Exercise floods our muscle tissue with oxygen and nutrients, making us more energetic. In the long run, it also helps our cardiovascular system work more efficiently, so we’ll feel more alert even when we're resting (bring on the duvet days!).

3) Promotes Better Sleep

Welcome back our old friends the endorphins. These helpful little chemicals relieve us of stress and accelerate our levels of drowsiness when it’s time for bed.

Exercise also helps regulate your body temperature, which is vital for a good night’s shut-eye. When you exercise, your body produces a lot of heat, but after about 30 to 90 minutes the core body temperature falls, signalling to your body that it’s time to rest.

Just don’t exercise too close to bedtime, otherwise you might find that your post-workout pump is keeping you up all night, or even your other half…

4) Sparks Up Your Sex Drive

Positives of a lockdown are a rare breed, but one plus is having more quality time to spend with our partners. However, if you’re not feeling your physical best, it’s likely the only thing that’s getting turned on in your bedroom is Netflix.

Studies have shown that regular exercise goes hand-in-hand with a healthy libido. Working up a sweat enhances arousal in women, whilst also making men more enthusiastic to have sex and more, how shall we put this… reliable to perform.

It’s not a secret that physical activity increases our confidence about our appearance. And when we look our best and feel our best, we’re much more keen to be intimate. Do we really need to give you any more reasons?

On that note, here's a sneak peak at what the next 28 days has in store...

This challenge is designed to turn anyone of any ability into a push up machine. We’ll gradually increase the reps each day to build power and stamina in your arms and chest, and recruit our old pal the plank to train your core. One month later? Herculean strength and a physique to match!

The Challenge

Day 1: 16 Push Ups

Day 2: 20 Push Ups

Day 3: 10 Push Ups, 3 x 20 sec plank

Day 4: 24 Push Ups

Day 5: 28 Push ups

Day 6: 30 Push Ups

Day 7: 15 Push Ups, 3 x 30 sec plank

Day 8: 32 Push Ups

Day 9: 34 Push Ups

Day 10: 36 Push Ups

Day 11: 20 Push Ups, 3 x 40 sec plank

Day 12: 38 Push Ups

Day 13: 40 Push Ups

Day 14: 25 Push ups, 3 x 50 sec plank

Day 15: Our all important rest day - put your feet up.

Day 16: 44 Push Ups

Day 17: 46 Push Ups

Day 18: 48 Push Ups

Day 19: 30 Push Ups, 3 x 60 sec plank

Day 20: 50 Push Ups

Day 21: 54 Push Ups

Day 22: 58 Push Ups

Day 23: 35 Push Ups, 3 x 70 sec plank

Day 24: 64 Push Ups 

Day 25: 68 Push Ups

Day 26: 72 Push Ups

Day 27: 40 Push Ups, 3 x 80 sec plank

Day 28: 80 Push Ups - and we’ve done it!

Accept this challenge if you want to become the strongest version of yourself in just one month. Check out The Black Mask Company on Instagram to follow the program, with daily hints, tips and quite possibly giggles as you watch our attempts to keep up. Don’t forget to tag us when you post your own progress!

From everyone at The Black Mask Company, let’s crush this February and bring some muscle-building motivation to lockdown 3.0.